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Aug 18, 2013
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Pinjarra, Western Australia
I'm about to do the CND novice course and then master painter and shellac art and style. Ive been looking around at practice hands, is there any that are good? Or is a cheap ebay one ok?

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Sent from my GT-I9305 using SalonGeek mobile app
Don't bother! I got the ebay type and they are rubbish. I hear the nail trainer is fab as it moves like real joints etc, I threw mine out and just used a kebab skewer with blue tac on nail tips- in all honesty a real hand is without doubt the best practise your own or anyone Willing!! ❤
Push a false nail ( full one) into bluetac.... Gives you a full nail to wirk on and bluetac is like lateral folds and cuticle to ensure you get the product on the nail only :) x
I have the nail trainer and use it when im bored and wana mess about x

Its brill x
It moves like a real hand and has rubber finger ends so feels like a finger when your holding it x lol

And you can buy replacement nails quite cheap too
I would recommend

Look on ebay or gumtree etc for a nail trainer to see if you can get a second hand one before you pay full price

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