Practising on real nails ?


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Jun 1, 2007
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Hi All,

I recently read a thread about EZflow and being able to use one of their products before applying l&p and then the nail would just pop off rather than having to soak off and start again.

Now I use Creative and am eagerly awaiting my popits ! If there was something similar that I could use to do this I could even get my husband to let me practise on him if the nail would just fall off after 5 mins.

Does anyone know if there is anything that will stop the product bonding to the nail so it will just fall off ?

I am thinking if I drowned the nail in solar oil and didn't take the shine off it MIGHT work but would like to know before I risk it :)

Thanks :hug:
The stuff is EZFlow's UV 30 top coat. You can use that with your Creative and get the same results. In nail school we just used a few coats of top coat.
yeah it was EZ Flow UV30 that I said about, but I just want to clarify, it doesn't just fall off - it is quite secure, so that it can be filed and shaped etc without it pinging across the room :)

It will have to be eased off - I find that it's best to loosen it around the sidewalls and cuticle area, then remove it from zone 3 to zone 1.

As for using something else, I've not tried, so I can't help with that.
Thank you both.

Maybe I will try one of my own nails with a few coats of top coat. Gelly, how easy is it to ease them off and what do you use ? I presume there is no damage to the nails then ?


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