Pre pig, what is best?


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Feb 16, 2012
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Im doing my friends hair either 4.15 or 5.15 richesse and she has some fine blonde high lights as you can see in the pic what is best to pre pig with geeks? I have a wella /7 perfecton but can get something else. Also do you think to go for the 4.15 to allow for fade?


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Personally id go for the 5.15 because richesse goes quiet dark, as for prepig im not familiar with /7 but you coud always run a coppergold over beforehand. Might be nice just to colour over without prepig seeing as their only fine and base 7 get some nice tones through

Alexandra x
Thank you! Yea im not a fan of pre pigging if I'm honest so you reckon it will be ok not too? X
I would use /7 perfection too. It also makes the hair Extra shiny!
/7 is a bit of an odd one with it bring brunette it contains some green
What do you think blue ?
I'd do half tube 5.35 with 10 ml 4.15
Great thanks how much of the developer with that mix? (mls)
Sorry and just straight over what she is now ?.
It's 1-1.15 I think with richesse, yes straight over
Wicked doing it next week and re doing her extensions can't wait let you all know how it turns out

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