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Aug 26, 2010
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Hi all

Could anyone tell me what exactly pre-pigging involves and why I would do it? I didn't learn this at college?

Thank you
It means adding the undertones back to hair before darkening. It is usually taught at level 3 during colour correction.
Ah I see. Thanks very much.
Hi there.

For example. If you bleach your hair, you obviously strip out all the color pigments from the hair, so if you want to go back to your origional color or go dark again, you will need to pre pigmentate with the undertones which were stripped out when you bleached. Failure to pre-pig would result in the hair turning a karki green or very matt ash because it would lack the gold red undertones which all natural hair colours have, even if you cannot see it with the naked eye. Also failure to pre-pig would mean the colour would not hold enough and would fade very quickly also resulting in transparent karki matt colour. Urrr

If you go back very dark, choose a stronger red pre-pig. But if you go back to base shade 6 or above, chosse a less vibrant red/gold otherwise these red tones will show through the end result.

hope that helps.
That's really helpful, thank you.
Just to jump on the bandwagon, pre-pig sometimes is refered to as filling in. ie the colour back to natural base xoxo
Brilliant, thank you.

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