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Nov 6, 2015
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My boss wants me to start doing pregnancy massage by learning off the girls in the salon that are qualified there. , I am not trained in this and nor do I want to be. I find it terrifying what if something happens to the baby and they try to blame me/my massage Only trained in Swedish massage.
Do you have the option to turn down training if your employer wants you to do it? Are the girls teaching you declared and qualified trainers? That's the part that would concern me.
They're not declared trainers no, and I think it be a problem if I turned down training.
Your boss must check with the salon's insurers. Although I do massage and have done pregnant ladies after 1st trimester, I do not do pregnancy massage. I work on neck, shoulders and back while in seated position. The only way I would be insured to do pregnancy massage is if I took a course with an accredited trainer and then sent in my certificate. Training by other members of staff will not suffice for insurance purposes and it would be your boss who would be responsible. You could ask her/him to write down that it is their decision that you will do pregnancy massage without undertaking formal training with qualification and they take full responsibility. Although your boss will probably not agree to do this, it might make her/him think a bit more.

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