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Nov 24, 2013
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Hiya, I have just got my first client for spray tanning :) but she is 5 months pregnant... I have contacted a few people I know who also do spray tans and they have advised I am able to spray her but to ake sure she signs a disclosure form. Has anyone else sprayed a pregnant lady? Any advice? Thanks.
They say that in the first 3 months it may go patchy and to avoid it as hormones make skin react differently. What tan do you use?
She should be fine with the tan, I am 5 months pregnant and have tanned and been fine :)
Just tell her it may not last as well as before due to skin stretching and temperature x
I sprayed my friend last week she is 33 weeks with twins (bump is huge), she asked her midwife if it would be ok to get a spray tan and she told her it would be fine, so I went ahead and it is just fading now, I did tell her it could be patchy etc as she is pregnant, it is just fading now but it looked really nice with no problems
I think the main thing to bear in mind when doing a pregnant client for any treatment is that pregnancy does weird stuff to your body so the client may not react in the way they normally would. That doesn't mean to say they'll definitely have an allergic reaction but as previous posters have said, it may not last as long or become patchy in some areas x
My insurance advised me to only spray pregnant women if they wear a face mask. Obviously this would cause white face issues so I don't offer tans to any pregnant women! I would double check your insurance :)
First and foremost you need to check with your insurer whether you are covered to tan pregnant ladies. I know ABT for instance do not cover you.

In terms of the tan itself as other geeks have said you may find it doesn't take properly if at all, it may go patchy and fade badly. This is mainly down to hormones levels. I have personally found that when pregnant my tans were fine but they lingered for ages on the skin. I think pregnancy must slow down skin cell renewal for me lol!
Thanks everyone, she is a friend of mine and I'm going to use her as a guinee pig so won't charge her to see how it is! Will advise her about the potential patchiness etc though. Thank you.

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