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Oct 16, 2014
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I'm looking for a bit of advice/ reassurance
I'm pregnant with my first child and I have my own salon which I've had for the last 6 years. Which extremely successful.
However I have employed stylists before and this has not been too successful. I know this may be down to just not finding the right person.
After all the frustrations of employing I'm planning on closing my salon for 5 weeks when I have the baby. Then integrating myself back in to 4 days a week.
I have no idea how my clients are doing to react. Has anyone been this this situation before can anyone offer any advice.
Thanks x
Hello hair queen. I just want to give you reassurance I had my salon for 8 months when I found out I was expecting my first child (totally not in the business plan as you can imagine). I went into complete melt down territory no doubt similar to what you are feeling and when I had Harrison I employed someone to help out part time along with working a few days here and there but I did go back far too quickly. 3 and a half years into owning the salon I find out I am expecting again and I decided this time to not employ anyone to save complications and work for as long as I could and just be upfront and honest with all my lovely customers. I was due to end work the day before my due date due to my first son being late and surprise Ashton arrived a month early. A months worth of bookings gone ta-bo and every single customer was so loving and understanding. This time I went back 5 weeks after having him only 3 days a week and every single customer has returned and are completely flexible and understanding as long as I am upfront and honest. They respect I am only human with two children and a business after all. You have loyalty to them so no doubt they'll be loyal to you especially with 6 years worth of a relationship. Trust me it will be fine and no doubt they'll be just as excited as you when little one arrives and will want to see them and give them gifts I know my two got thoroughly spoiled.

I am telling you it will be ok because I sure wish someone would of told me at the time to end the many sleepless nights and worries I had along with the fear of the unknown in being a mummy. You'll be fab and you'll be fine! And congratulations xxx
What a lovely encouraging post.

Congratulations on your fab news.

I think it's been covered. IF there's someone who can work there that you'd be happy with then great but if not you're better having no one. You're clients may go elsewhere but assuming you've done a good job, they'll be back.

Good luck

Vic x

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