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Apr 15, 2006
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I've always wanted a tattoo that goes from my hairline to my bra, something very delicate , pretty and not to wide.
A friend on mine ( hates) tattoos said it'd look trampy (I'm 48!)
What are your opinions
If it's something you've always wanted you should do it! Who cares what other people think, it's your body.

I had always wanted my belly button pierced but my (now ex :D) husband wouldn't let me. So when I left him I went and got my piercing done for my 40th birthday and I still love it. No regrets at all :)

Do it !! :cool:
I'm with Pure, if you want it, then have it done, who gives a flying wotsit what anyone else thinks :cool:

You've reached that age where you've probably spent your life doing what is right for everyone else, family, kids, husband, parents, work...whoever.......time to break out and do what you want :D

PS - it hurts like hell ;)
I'd say do it! No one should make you feel bad about what you want to do on your own body be it tattoos, piercings, plastic surgery ect.. None of us are the same and that's the OK xx
Go for it. I'm 45 next week and got a tattoo on the side of my hand a few years ago and 3 piercings on the front helix of my ear (that I regretted but only as it took 18mths to heal [emoji37][emoji24]) and love them!
I took a very long time to decide on what tattoo I wanted and still love it and get lots of compliments from all age groups.
You will always get the odd negative comment from people that don't like them, but I always let those sort of things go over my head! I agree with the others, go for it, but do a lot a research into your tattoo artist first…make sure he or she is up to the job and have a look at some of their work. There are some really dodgy artists out there…anyone seen tattoo fixers??!! I love tattoos and a nice pretty neck piece sounds lovely.
Im going back next month to get another tattoos after getting my second done last month. Ive got a faerie dragon, based on a char from a game i play.
Im going back to get a unicorn and something else from the game i play tattoo'd on me xD i had my forward helix pierced but she did such a bad job ive taken it out
Go got it my friend mum has her belly pierced for her 50th! I am 34 and going to get another one soon. Also nowadays there is laser removal so if you don't like it in 20 years so what you can just get it removed any way! Just edited it to add my late client a dear old lady had a butterfly and her husbands name tattooed on her foot at 70. Xx
Do it....I've been procrastinating over having more ear piercings for years, but am too much of a wimp :confused:
Ive got an awesome colleague at work who is in her 60s and has just had her second tattoo done and it planning her third already!
My ex hated tattoos and piercings. When i got with him i had my tongue done, nose and 4 in each ear. I took my nose stud out for him. still have my tongue done and i now wear earrings again. Ive had my tragus done and got a forward helix done last month but the woman pierced it so close to the surface it bugged me so i took it out but id love to go somehwere better and have it done properly.
I cant wait to have my 3rd & 4th tattoo done in 1 session next month!
A colleague of mine spent months and months saying that she wanted to shave the side of her head, desperately. In the end I asked her if when she is 90 and sat in her care home, would she regret not having ever done it, or would she sit and smile at the thought and memory of doing what she wants to do. The following Monday she came in and she had done it, and felt amazing, all because of what I told her. Life is too short, do what makes you happy!

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