Price lists and mobile therapists?


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Dec 30, 2015
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I was just wondering what mobile therapists do for price lists? Do you have copies that you hand out to every client? Or do you just put it online? Or just inform them over the phone?

Thank you!
I put my price list on a double sided business card it folds to a normal size one look on vistaprint x
I leafleted my village with printed pricelists through the door & I carry a few spares to leave on a first appointment & have some in my bag case you get chatting to someone in a shop etc. but I don't currently have a website so no prices on there :)

I always confirm the price over the phone when booking the appointment too & point out any discounts/gifts etc they will get and Ive just booked Carl to do an online pricelist. I get quite a few emails & txts asking for prices etc so I figure sending a nicely designed one that mentions everything is better than just sending a txt message with cost of one treatment. Ive had some nail clients for years that didn't realize I did other treatments! The online pricelists can be uploaded to social media too. Previously I had tried writing a 'note' on FB with my prices but no one could ever find it & it was awkward trying to explain where to find it so I'm rather excited about having a fancy proper one pmsl!

Dunno if I can mention his prices but it wasn't a lot at all and I think its well worth having one! Its very versatile. xx

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