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Oct 11, 2014
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northern ireland
Morning geeks! As titles says, yay or nay?
I've been holding off on putting mine on my fb page. Am I missing a trick not posting them?
And those of you who do hair, when you put your prices on, did your price for colour include cbd or did you list everything separately? I have a few ideas for offers in jan/Feb that am planning so thinking it's probably time I did this!
I have my price list on my page when I put offers on I put the prices but when I put new treatments up I don't tend too and if someone asks I always message them not sure why as I've posted my price list too lol
Anybody else? Can't decide if I include cbd with colour service or just list all separately.
nay! put it on a eflyer that way its amendable xoxo
Might be able to do that myself on the laptop as I have my logos etc stored.
I put a link to my website which contains my prices x
I put prices on my facebook page otherwise all I get is messages or posts when I put pictures on asking how much
I would personally include your cbd in the prices and state that otherwise you would just keep getting asked or if you decide not to make sure it's in bold big letters that the price does or doesn't include a cbd x
I put prices on but all colour are inc of blow dry if they want a cut I will charge for that x
I don't, then it's a contact made with me to ask and get into conversation! My prices are on my website but I still get contacted through it though with people asking!

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