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Mobile masseuse and nail technician
Apr 25, 2015
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United Kingdom
So just starting out and I'm wondering how much people charge just to do gel colour? I seen someone do it for £20 is that too Much??
I personally don't think it's too much at all I charge 25
We charge £25
It's reassuring to know what other geeks charge but what counts is how you've pitched yourself compared with your local competition.

Do a ring round/research online and keep a note of what local salons/mobiles are charging for the same work. This will help you decide.

Being the cheapest is not a great idea either, you'll get clients but they will probably be penny pinching cheapskates who will leave you as soon as they come across a better deal.

Plus being the cheapest puts a question mark in the minds of some potential clients - why so cheap? Work not so good? Inferior products etc?

Ok so you're just finished training, well you can always pitch your prices then MAKE OFFERS at first, then you don't have to actually raise your prices, you're simply not running any offers - trust me, it's much easier doing this than actually putting prices up by a few pounds!

We charge £30 for a gel manicure and use Jessica geleration
I'm in Somerset and I charge:
£25 for standard Shellac colours
£29 for brisa smoothing gel + shellac together
£33 for Shellac with lecente glitter / nail art
I also give them a free pinkie sized solar oil & home care advice sheet with their first set of gels to set good habits...
With these prices it gives me room to run special offers when needed.

Research what your local salons are charging and go with the price level your closest equivalent is. Try to ignore the cheap rates you'll see on local Facebook groups - remember you are trained and professional!
To attract clients away from their current brands you can offer free removals (with a minimum spend) to switch them over to your salon.
I've been really busy since introducing gel, the clients aren't looking for cheap prices - quality counts.

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