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pretty pink

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May 12, 2006
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west sussex
Hi there,

I'm a mobile tech and been doing fibreglass and gel for quite some time. I have just done my acrylic progression with the lovely Jessica Marks in Crawley with Ez Flow and I'm just thinking about pricing to advertise my new skills.

Ive been practicing loads and loving acrylic:), and after much researching i have noticed there is not much competition with glitter acrylic (boogie nights) so just need your advice on pricing.......

Full set of fibreglass £32 and double layer £35
Gel £30

My thoughts on acrylic (i will be sculpting these)
Full set natural enhancements £32
Full set of pink & white enhancements £37
Full set of glitter enhancements £33 (one colour)
Full set of glitter enhancements £38 (two colours - french twist)

Do u think this is too much, I have increased the prices cos they are Ez Flow products (slightly more expensive but lush product!) and my gel/fibreglass is with Star Nails (slightly cheaper product). Eventually converting over fully to Ez Flow.

Its difficult to compare my prices with others in my area as i cannot find anyone who does the glitter, normal acrylic are about £35-40 for one colour, cant find anyone doing pink & whites......Brighton which is about 30 mins drive from me charge £50 for a set of glitter.

Many Thanks for your advice

x x x x x
I would say looking at your other prices this was fair. I usually add on £5 for a glitter french and £8 for a glitter fade (using Ezflow) on top of normal Acyrlic prices xx
I add £5 on for glitter nails too
Well I charge £50 for a full set of natural or white tip but I only sculpt never use tips, i'm going to start using glitter near xmas but not sure if i'd charge more than that. i'm near Horsham and prices vary from £35 to £50 around here, I wouldn't charge less £50 as I feel thats my worth and with being a mobile tech you have some extra costs. Just charge the amount that you feel you are worth from the training and experiance you have, obviously the local going rate comes into it too, but the way I look at it is I charge what I need to earn for the time, products and experiance, I never worry if thats too much because whatever prices you charge provided you are taking the above things into account you will attract different clients... higher earners or lower earners, the clients are there especially in west sussex so it's just how you market your self and the type of clients that you want to bring to your business.
Good luck x :)

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