Princess parties?


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Aug 3, 2006
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Hi Ladies

How many of you do childrens parties on a mobile basis? providing a file, polish and little gift.

I used to do them, but after speaking with my insurer they said that you are insured to do treatments as you were trained to do them only and that a letter of consent from a parent would not amount to much if they decided to claim for any eventuality?

Not very helpful and this scared me into not doing them any more.

However, I have seen lots of other mobile techs doing them and I have also had lots of clients asking me.

What do you guys do? Is there an additional insurance I should get for this or am I ok doing it as normal, after all I am trained to level two beauty.

How does it work for under 16's?
Hi Pearl - I'm not sure what your insurer means really? As in you are trained to do the treatments but that's the same as a f&p at a princess party surely?

Is there issue with the fact it would be under 16s?

Sorry hon more questions than answers!
Hi Pixiebeauty

I know I feel a little confused myself about what they said.

I am thinking it is an issue of them being under 16 as she said that even a letter of consent from parent or signed consultation record from parent would not be sufficient.

I would love to know where others stand on this one and who they use for insurance.
No matter how many forms you get a client to sign and follow best practice guideline any insurer will tell you that you can not stop people from trying to make a claim and that's what they prob saying :)
In that case I think I'd go back to your insurer Pearl and ask if the level of cover is the same for a client under 16 as a client over 16, for the same treatment. I guess it's all you can do? I'm going to check carefullly now as I'm looking at insurance with ABT x
Do you girls get a lot of call for princess parties and Hen parties as I'm looking at adding this to my Salon.

Cheers Pippa