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Jun 1, 2010
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Do you need level 1 before undertaking level 2? Do all colleges cover the same Treatments?
Level one is usually if you do not have any GCSE's or very low grade GSCE's
The treatments in colleges will very but the majority of the treatments will be the same
No you don't .... I went sraight into Level 2...I had no GCSE's so I had to sit a short test to establish my general educational level, reading writing etc...
I think if you have GCSE's then they judge by your grades but I would advise checking each colege's admittance reg's.
As far as I know college's do differ but only slightly, I know people that covered things such as lashes on level 2 whereas I didn't.
Check out some local college websites for more info...
Hope this help's....x
I have b grade gcse's so that's ok. Career change! I have learnt make up, man, ped, tanning through an individual "school" but I don't want to do anymore courses thus way and want my nvq so I know I'll have to go over what I already know. Struggling to find colleges on net in Hampshire only coming up with Eastleigh which is an hour away!
Well done you...I just typed in Beauty courses in Hampshire into Google and a few come up...try that, I don't know how to post the links onto here or I would of, sorry. Let us know how you get on. H x
Huh?? How did you get that? I've been looking all night!! Ssbt comes up but it's a day training express school and a few others like that but no colleges Covering a yearly course with full nvq at end! Confused!! X
I am doing my training at the Cottage Training Centre in Hythe. Google it - Kim Sexton (the owner) has put all of the course information etc on her website.

Good Luck!!
Aphrodities, have you looked at Southdowns or Fareham, I know they both do NVQ 2 beauty therapy, they're near Portsmouth, not sure if you're that way but may be a bit closer for you, plus they are good colleges, I've been to both - miss-spent youth, took me ages to decided what I wanted to do so I tried a little bit of everything! Lol x
Hi Southfield don't do nvq part time, they do single unit courses. Highbury might work as long as it is nvq vtct, waiting for a call tmr. I got farehams prospectus and they also don't do it part time.

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