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Jul 27, 2003
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Sawasdee ka

i like to look profile see where some body come from what country and about what system them use and how old and about there work or maybe little bit no problem but i look the last 7 new member and only 1 have profile so if them no have you not know who you speak to .

I like to see what some body do another country nail and if have profile can learn many what some body do can lady make profile please .

Kop khun ka mui ka
glad to see someone likes to read profiles like me ;)

let us see who you are and where your from fill in your profiles please :D :D
Sawasdee ka

Because i have geek open long time every day i if i not busy in salon i go look who on line or new member and i always click profile .

From profile it is good because even if that lady long way another country you feel you know her little bit .

I think if some body look my profile can see i am mui from the land of smiles Thailand .

In geek have i think 212 web site about 8 not about nail but the others have and many beautifull nails and nail art and some tutorial i know lady like to buy book nail art but if you go look the webs on this site you can learn many the flowers in we go look at every week and copy some for display and in my salon the nail we do most customer we copy from christies web customerlike too much .

Kop khun ka mui ka
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