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May 24, 2006
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Ah Tis the prom season once again and I have just finished a set of red french for my friends daughter to match the red in her dress. Whilst not perfect I did enjoy doing them and had I have had more time I would have glamed them up a bit more with a bit of bling and done her toes to match but alas there is not enough hours in the day. Did manage to do a spray tan on her afterwards though!!

Anyone else got any pics of prom nails??

Charlotte X


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They look lovely. I really missed it this year, because it was my sons turn to go. I loved it when my daughter went last year. Got to wait another 3 years for my next girlie. Hope she has a fab time.
Sorry about the state of the piccy but it was late when I finished last night and the client was ready for home. Hmm thumb looks a bit flat from the angle of the photo!!

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