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Jan 29, 2003
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Halifax. West Yorkshire
Hi Everybody,
I have read a few posts lately about questions relating to promoting business.
I have just got in from my promotion night held at the local hairdressers.
With the hairdresser and local reflexologist we held a joint evening, we all chipped in £35 and that bought a load of cheese and nibbles plus wine and soft drinks (courtesy of our local german supermarket), for the past few weeks we have been telling anyone who would listen to come along. We also all provided a raffle prize and gave them a ticket when they arrived.
What a success, I personally sold over £100 in products and demonstrated spa service and enhancements non stop from 5.00pm until 9.30pm. Even though I am fully booked until after Xmas I took alot of bookings for the new year.
Hairdresser and reflexologist also did very well as we all had a bite at each others clients.
I would recommend this type of evening to anyone, it created massive interest.

Brill news.............. and great retailing too........ New clients for the new year........what could be better eh.........
Just goes to show............. You can if you do !!!!!!!!!!
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