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Oct 22, 2007
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right Guys I Work In A Small Out Of Town Hair Salon And In Jan/feb It Goes Quite Quiet Now I Know Its Only October But I Was Thinking About Some Sort Of Promotional Offers That May Get Some Money In During These Months , I Dont Know If Anyone Has Any Extra Ideas But I Was Thinking Of Making A Load Of Leaflets And Giving Them Out To All The Regular Customers Was Thinking Of Putting If You Introduce A Friend In The Months Of Jan/feb You Get A Percentage Of Money Off Your Bill Depending On What Service They Have And For Seperate New Customers To Give Them Some Sort Of Free Conditioner Treatment What Do You Think? Or Can You Think Of Any Other Ideas That Might Come In Handy?

Any Help Would Be Great

Thanks X
Hi good to think forward, i always find it good in december to offer all the client that are coming in, in December for their christmas colour, offer them 50% a colour refresh in Jan/Feb if they rebook at that december appointment, this way you know whats coming back and dont have to wait for the phone, you can also offer this on all your other services. I dont find free conditioning treatments works, but maybe try to up sell the colour locking treatment to those who are coming back on the 50% off and claw back some more cash.

Good luck:hug:

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