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May 20, 2012
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Hi just after advice I have a client based 5 and blonde highlighted ends I have been using a 5.22 in voila purple. It fades really quick and looking to use a different make more vibrant I am unsure if I should colour cleanse old colour out. I feel a bit down about this as I feel I should know what to do.
Use Joyco purple it's very vibrant! Also it doesn't wash out as quickly.
Is that a semi permanent? Thanks for reply don't think my suppliers stock it but will look online
Yes and it's spelled Joico auto correct fixed it lol! And what color line do you usually use?
I work with voila. Also loreal and some matrix. Voila is my main coloir brand I use.
Matrix has some good purples also!
If you've been using a fashion colour semi or direct dye, they fade quite quickly on the initial application but tend to stain the cuticle slightly on subsequent applications and so last a bit longer. Be careful though as some purples tend to fade out quite greenish.

If you search the Hair threads for 'purple' there's been quite a few threads with product recommendations.
Thank you for your reply ☺
Hi I used the matrix 6vr with a small amount of rv mix my client is still not happy with result it's not vibrant or purple enough. Any advice?
She said when I did the 5.22 voila purple it faded to quick. X

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