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Feb 9, 2004
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im pretty artsy. always have been. whenever i have an art project, i try to make it as detailed as possible. takes me a lot longer, as i am a perfectionist, but in the end the extra hours really show in the final product. in school also, i wowed my teachers and classmates.

so thats what im looking for. i come to this site everyday checking for new nail designs that people post. well maybe some people can post a pic of what you think is the most beautiful, detailed nail design you have created

or maybe would LIke to do try lol

ive seen several nail art sites and while i do like many of the designs, some just look abit tacky too me. also, i do some pretty detailed stuff and its hard finding inspiration when everyone does the same stripes and dots and stuff! i hafto say though i am limited as i only do hand painted, not airbrush. i wasexcited to learn airbush for myself though but people on here said airbrush designs do not last on natural nails.
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