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Aug 5, 2010
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Milton Keynes
My family are moving to the USA in a couple of years... I've just re-discovered my love of all things beauty/holistic/nails related and was doing courses with The Beauty Academy before the decision was made to move.

Now I'd ideally like to do a qualification that will be recognised state-side. Seems little point investing my time and money into qualifications I won't be able to use IYKWIM?

What would you recommend? I thought the CEDESCO qualification was the only one that would be recognised in the USA, but someone mentioned the CIBTAC would be too? Is that true?

Which would you do given my circumstances? And for those of you who've already done either, how did you find it (I'm hoping for that kind of money, the courses will be better than the 1-2 days "here's how it's done, now just go and practice" courses I've been doing so far) and where did you study?

I was thinking of doing the course at OICB, has anyone studied there?

Thanks for any help - feel a bit thick asking! I did do a search of the forum but didn't turn much up, so maybe I was searching for the wrong thing....
Welcome to the USA! :)

What state are you moving to? Every state has different licensing requirements. You could then do a google search to find out the contact info for that state's department of licensing, then contact them for more info.

If you need help, let me know. :)
The USA has a very different approach to the Beauty industry then the UK. You need to look into State and National / Federal licensing requirements and whether or not your qualifications will be recognised. If you offer massage for example do you need to take and pass the National Massage Certification (the American Massage Therapy Association would be a good place to start for this). Some states require at least 500 hours of recognised study for a license to be issued.

You may need to become a qualified Esthetician to practice beauty depending on treatments and location.

Thanks guys and gals!

We're moving to WA. I knew they all had different licensing requirements but do they all need different types of qualifications?

Think I might go do a google search and see if I can find anything... It's all so confusing though! LOL I was just kind of hoping that someone would "know" if you know what I mean?! :p

Should stop being lazy really! LOL
Hi Sarah-Jean, I think this info will help you:

Cosmetology:1600 hour
Barber - 1000 hours
Esthetician - 600 hours
Instructor - 500 hours
Manicurist: 600 hours
Reciprocity: Written exam is taken when an individual submits a complete application and current verification from originating board and pays proper fees.
Home Salon and Mobile Salon allowed.

MMA has been prohibited in one manner or another in this state.
Prohibited can mean:
A law or rule has been passed prohibiting MMA use.
The technician and/or shop will receive a written/verbal warning possibly after a consumer complaint or inspection by state officials.
A fine may be accessed if a violation occurs.
The state abides by the FDA guidelines.
Please see the state's web site for more specific information and/or contact them or us directly.

Complaint Form

Exam Info

Dept. of Licensing Professional Licensing Services
Cosmetology Section
405 Blacklake Blvd.
P.O. Box 9026
Olympia, WA 98507-9026
(360) 664-6626
Fax: (360) 664-2550
[email protected]
Thank you so, so much! (((((HUGS)))))

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