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Sep 24, 2010
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Sevenoaks, Kent
Hi everyone,

would like to know how other people managed to get their first jobs in a beauty salon. I've completed my NVQ level 2 and 3 and am finding it really hard to find positions open to newly qualified therapists. Everyone seems to want you to have at least two years experience. My college in London had a fully operational salon in which we all worked in, would this count as experience? I live in Kent, would it be worthwhile asking in the local salons if they would be willing to give me work experience?

Where in Kent are you?
I live in Sevenoaks.
Does anyone have any advice? I'd be really grateful.:)
Generally we only look for beauty exp on your CV. There are tons of salons in Sevenoaks, could you offer 2 weeks free work exp?If you impress, they may take you on.
As far as I am aware there are not many vacancies at the moment in the area. If you look on Gumtree there are still vacancies in central London. Would that be a better bet?
Prob not much help but I am in the same boat! Although I am only level 2! I am actually going mobile part time as well as my full time job. I am quite lucky as a have quite a few hairdresser and beauty pals. I plan to focus on my eyelash extensions as there's only 2 people in my area doing it and none are my friends so they will be recommending when I get my timings down!

Is going mobile not an option? Could you do that while searching for a salon placement?
I'd also suggest that you offer to do some unpaid work experience.

One of my part timers started off by doing work experience & another girl I interviewed a couple of weeks ago was pipped to the post by an experienced therapist but I have offered her some work experience which may or may not lead to a job with me. But either way, it will look better on her CV & will give her proper salon experience, so should lead to a better chance of getting a job at a later date.
Thanks for the advice, I'll try the local salons to try and get some work experience. Unfortunately I can't go mobile yet as I don't have a car and ideally would prefer to have some proper salon experience under my belt and I have thought about looking in London but train fare is so expensive!

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