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Jun 16, 2015
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Hi geeks I have just had someone ask me about doing a root colour on hair that has got what she calls Keratin bond extensions in. I don't do extensions so I have never heard of these I know you can do root colour on a head of hair that has extensions being very careful. Can someone advise me please
Section away all the extensions and apply only to the top and front sides that has no extensions in. Like a T-section.
i have a client that has all her roots done while she has her keratin bonds in. She dosnt have bleach she just has a colour/tint on her roots when the bonds have grown out abit. Her bonds are fine. I don't reccormend it Incase it does has some reaction on the bonds but if your just applying it too the roots/regrowth I don't see a problem :)
You can do the root colour as long as you don't touch the bonds.

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