question for competition run in the local paper help!


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Oct 30, 2006
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Dunfermline, Scotland, UK
Hi guys sending in my idea for a competition to the local paper they've been a bit vauge on what info they want so I'm throwing it all in lol only problem is not sure what type of questions to ask the readers, but sholud I make it really easy or something they have to look up ? Was thinking of -: I use CND prouducts what does CND stand for?
Thanks xx
Are you doing a bit of editorial as well?

Most of these items have a very easy question which is answered within the text. The idea is really to get lots of contact information from people entering the competition.

It is not really about only one person being able to answer the question.

Hope that makes sense.
Thanks fiona, As I said there being very vauge on what info they want, and also on what would go in the paper:eek: lol I'm guessin they would do a little blurb I'm sending this in with the idea. Angel Nails is run by fully qualified nail technician Sarah Mclinden, Using only Creative Nail Design products she offers a mobile service for those who prefer to be pampered in there own home. Call on 07722700988 to book an appointment or the website Angel Nails | Beautiful nails, natural or enhanced!

Any good? x

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