Question on nail plates, please help!


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Nov 14, 2013
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Hi, I'm almost finished my studies as a Nail Technician but I have a question on my assignments i cannot answer, i have looked everywhere for this info & nowhere has it.. Its driving me CRAZY.. can anybody PLEASSSEEE tell me what the four basic types of nail plates are which can be observed by looking directly at the finger tip & how they look ???
Thank you!
Think you'd better contact your tutor or a fellow student on the same course. This seems like a question that is specific to the materials you have been learning from.
Are they looking for different nAil shapes as in the shape of an enhancement?
E.g. Round, oval square almond etc? Or

Different types of natural nail plates that can be observed?
E.g. dry, ridged, flakey/delaminating etc.

I Would follow fee's always excellent advice and clarify with your tutor if the question is not clear to you.
Thank you everyone, I will ask my teacher as well just thought while I was at home stuck on that question I would see what I could find. Thank you again!

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