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Jul 28, 2012
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South Wales
I have two events Saturday & I want to go to one with straight hair then home quick change / top up make up & curl hair - I need tips please on whether I wash make up off then start again or top up? Not very good topping up on mascara / eye make up 🤦🏼‍♀️

Also curling hair tops with Toni & Guy waver or Revamp Pro gloss curler?
make up should last all day and into the evening as long as you are using the right products for your skin.

Do your make up as you would usually but use a primer under your foundation and eye make up, This helps it to last. Then I’d suggest using a mineral powder foundation applied over a cream product. Do everything else that you would usually: concealer, contouring, eye make up etc. Before you do your mascara, spritz your face well with a setting spray or Evian or floral water to set your finished makeup. This stops it coming off on everything you touch. Then do your mascara.

To top up, use the mineral powder foundation - no cream- it’s fine to reapply over contouring and blusher/bronzer. Next top up your blusher etc. If you’ve used a good eye primer your eyeshadow should have lasted and you can just top up. As long as you’re not trying to put light colours over dark it will be fine. Don’t reapply your mascara, just top up eyeliner. If you use a two product mascara with a white base coat it will last until bedtime. Spritz well,

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