Quit my first Nail Tech job


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Oct 6, 2006
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BC, canada
Hey geeks. well, I graduated from a diploma program in Nail technology in april, and started working right away at a VERY upscale spa. I was only 1 of 2 techs, and felt I was definitely in over my head...but how could I turn it down!?! Well, after 6 months i decided to quit. I was in a place where there was absolutely no support, no learning environment, not even a Nail Tech Dept head or Manager, just me and the other girl who worked opposite shifts as me(we only had one desk). I feel pretty discouraged, a big part of me quitting was that I was getting complaints.:cry: This spa is state of the art, they charge top top dollar, and clients expect perfection...definitely not the best job for a brand new tech. I knew I wasn't at the caliber they expeced! So, back to square one for me! I am wondering how others have fared after leaving school, what kinds of experiences you had and what you think the best environment for a newbie would be. I really want a place where I can learn, and this definitely was not the place. Just feel kind of sad though, but I did give it a good shot!
Well done you for going for it, despite the fear of not being good enough. The only way to get better is to do clients and gain experience. You have had a good start, all be it a hard one, but i take my hat off to you for trying.

You need to find a salon who are willing to take you on as newly trained tech, to gain experience, but to also have the back up of an experienced tech to help you through any problems you will encounter along the way.

When i first started, i just collared all my friends and family to do their nails and practice. (even if they weren't too sure....lol) Doing nails is the only way to get better, plus loads of practice. Ask around in your area and see what happens, you can only ask.:)
thanks so much for your response! Its really encouraging to hear from people who have "been there!"

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