Rapid Tan gun problems?


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I bought my machine from la tan , iv had nothing but trouble with the guns , I have 6 new ones an not one works an the only one that did work the spray handle has totally gon , the other 6 don’t even spray anything out of them whatsoever , they been cleaned and checked nothing , now iv had to cancel clients all weekend an this week as nothing to use An no reply from email
So what do I do now? I have a machine that Dosent work. I have no replys on emails and now I'm going into another week of not knowing weather I need to cancel clients or not? This has been going on way to long now.
Mine doesn’t work either an used it twice absolutely guttered wasn’t cheap both guns won’t spray the solution out
Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any problems with their guns on their rapid tan spray tan machine? I have had nothing but problems with the guns. They work for so long then they start spitting the tan out. I clean my machine thoroughly after every use and follow all maintainence including all instructions for the supplier.

I have reported the problem and they keep sending me new guns which work
For so long then they start spitting again. Also guns are letting solution out even when miniature board game trigger isn't pressed. I've Attached some photos. The last 2 I received didn't work at all. I reported the problem when my machine was within warranty but the issue was never sorted? Does anyone know where I stand??
That sounds like a really frustrating issue to have with your machine. Unfortunately, it sounds like you have been through the whole process with the supplier and still you are having the same problem. Have you tried to contact a different supplier and see if they can help? It's possible that a different supplier may have better luck diagnosing and fixing the issue. Good luck!

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