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Sep 22, 2015
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Hiya Iv currently just got a shop which won't be open for another 5 weeks, Iv got a lot of people interested in working for me but just wanting to no what I should be charging for renting or % basis
I will be renting a chair to a stylist

Renting a table to a nail technician so might do this on a % but not sure what that should be ? And also having a make up artist
I'm all new to this really so would just like some advise or what do you charge people ect ?

Generally rates are
40% to them, 60% to you if you supply the products (usually for hairstylists)
60% to them, 40% to you if they supply the products (usually nail techs & mua's)
I personal prefer a flat rent payable 52 weeks of the year. You then know what you've got coming in.

And remember they're not working for you, they're renting space in your salon and would be responsible for handling their own money, their own insurance, the hours they work,when they take holidays etc. Much more of a grey area than rental to my mind.

I charge £25 per day x
Flat rate every time.
52 weeks a year. I might throw in a couple of free weeks to allow them to have a holiday without getting into arrears with you.

If a percentage, if they have an illness which lasts for a month and they don't come in work you don't get anything
Don't forget you do have the option to do a percent to start (for an agreed amount of time that you both feel gives them a chance to build clients and then be able to afford the set rent OR until they start taking £x.xx amount per week) then change to the pre agreed set rent.
Thankyou for all your replys that makes more sense now think I will do set rent for the stylist then a % basis for The Mua and nail tech until they get their client base up then after an agreed time do let them rent :) Thankyou X
You will make more money doing percentage split I do 55/45 that been 55to me everything included

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