Raw Earth And Spa Pedicure


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May 7, 2007
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Ive noticed a lot of you guys offer both the Spa Pedicure and Raw Earth pedicure. Was wondering if you charge the same for both treatments? And how to you advocate which client requires which one? Or what do you class as the differences between the two pedicures apart from the fact that you use the spa pedi products or raw earth pedi products. Is is just down to their personal choice/ prefered product smell etc? xx
hey I offer both under luxury ped cause i find the spa ped great for summer because of the cooling marine mask and raw earth good for winter as it is warming but also the clients have personal preferences so i just explain both and let them decide as i think both are great!!:lol:
I offer both Spa and Raw Earth Pedicures the procedure is basically the same for both apart from you wouldn't use heated booties for the Spa as the Marine Mask has cooling qualities.

I find the Spa more popular during the summer and the Raw Earth during the winter and for men.:hug:

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