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Nov 15, 2006
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Hi Gals & Guys,

I am looking for a really good private beauty school in London, any recommendations?

Have an appointment with the Ray Cochrane school this week, is it any good.

Your help would be really appreciated. Private is expensive and I don´t want to pick the wrong place.
Just bumping this up
I trained at the London school of beauty and make up- same cost, same sylabus. I looked around Ray Cochraine school too but decided on the other because I liked the fact that their salon is a working salon that actually looks like one with private treatment cubicles and takes appointments like one. The Ray cocraines "beauty salon" is a cramped room with all the beds together and they do not offer the same products, when I was at LSBM we had a choice of a variety of OPI polishes for example and at Ray Cochraine you just use a bog standard red polish. Also because they taught you varied topics each week whereas at the Ray Cochraine you do the subjects one by one and then don't cover them again e.g body massage first 2 weeks then manicure next 2.

On the other hand pupils from the Ray Cochraine school seem to get awards for excellence in school competitions whereas we weren't even given the oportunity to enter. The Ray C school is traditional and quite strict the LSBM is modern and less student centered (you can tell they love the money they make!), depends what aproach suits you best.

I chose private as it was the highest international diploma you can get and suited me best.
Just wanted to add neither is perfect but I don't think any beauty schools really are! :eek: It really does depend on the teacher.
Thanks, I´m finding it really hard to find a private beauty school in London. Part time hours are even worse, so I´ve decided to do it full time.

When you say they aren´t very student centered, what do you mean?
Did you enjoy the training though?

One last question, do you get the same qualifications?
I mean they want you to pass your exams but more for them than you!-reputation of the school and that you can pay up is all they really wanted. I had alot of foreign students in my class (of which I became best friends with) but when they struggled I helped them out myself as there wasn't the extra support as the course is 9-5 every day. You have to put in alot of hours in the student salon (plus the occasional late night) and obviously are not paid for them. The course was enjoyable after our class complained about our tutor who was a lovely person but out of her depth knowledge wise and then we got an excellent teacher who was an inspiration. The course however is very through and indepth and if you do extra reading around the sylabus you will learn alot. The school had good equiptment and nice class rooms.

I recently went for treatment in the Ray C school and was very unimpressed with the level of the students and the set up. They were very friendly but didn't really know what they were doing by way of routeens. I'm not sure how soon they start working on the public though.

The course outline and conditions will be the same as regards to content and hours needed doing each treatment in order to pass as they follow CIBTAC and CIDESCO rules. We did however learn aromatherapy, reflexology and St.Tropez tanning as part of the course and sometimes if they can they also do Eyelash perming as an extra.

It also had a student area to eat lunch.

I liked my class mates, my teachers and the "real" salon experience but it was challenging at times but as I said all the schools will have their positives and negatives. If I had had the right teacher from the start though it would have been nicer. They called our class trouble makers after we asked for some extra tuition from the teacher we eventually got which I thought was very unfair!

It was also quite fun at the LSBM to volunteer to have make-up or other treatments done by the other classes if you had a chance.

I would look around before you commit. I hope you find one you like :lol:
I went for an interview at LSBM (but they ddnt even show me around the school) but course content sounds good and scary , going to see Ray Cochrane this week.

As far as I know I have to do CIDESCO, because Im going to settle in Portugal, and they only accept CIDESCO.

When you practise on each other are the areas closed off? I cant imagine having a bikini wax in front of your whole class is fun!
Practicing at both schools is infront of people but you are modestly covered at all times, trust me you will be so ingrossed in what you are doing you will not notice what is going on around you. Like I said the sylabus is identical in both schools so it really depends on what you prefer atmosphere wise. Why not have a treatment at both schools and see which you feel is better experience for the trainee therapist before you decide :lol:
Hey, now that is a good idea.

I liked the interview with Ray Cochrane, it was more personable. But, it is cramped.

So, I will just have to think about it now...

Thanks for all your advice, very kewl of you :) :)
You're welcome, good luck, it's the best feeling when you qualify :lol:
Thanks again, I've decided on LSBM as they are more central and I don't think it's worth the money to be cramped at Ray Cochrane.

Hi Girls.
I trained at The Ray Cochrane Beauty School and I feel really lucky to have done so.
I choose the school because the results showed me the actual standard and success rate was nearly a 100% in CIBTAC and CIDESCO- the highest results compared with all other schools which I visited.
The school does Facial, Body and Electrolysis every week for 7 months so that we would constantly keep up with our skills.

Client days were the best in an open room so my tutor was able to assess all of us through out our treatments (unfortunately closed cubical does not allow the tutor to support me through out all treatment time). In an open room she was there for was able to support, guide and give all the students feed back on all the treatments done on client day. And all the great feedbacks our clients gave us ensured that our training is the best.
The school has invested in the best products and equipment like Dermalogica and Rene Guinot.
I also learned how to manage reception and computerised salon system.
Our Business management course which was held in Regents Business School was a great help as well.
If you are looking for a high standard, personalised , intensive, with the guarantee of passing The Ray Cochrane Beauty School is the place for you.:wink2:
I have been to see both and I am in the process of choosing which one to go to. But from what I saw, I much prefer the working environment that LSBT has - you can train in both a working salon and spa, which would benefit you so much in the real world. As well as this I really liked the atmosphere there, and their technology and equipment did not compare to Ray Cochrane. The uniforms were more wearable I think that the interaction with the public that you get compares to no other. They also offered additional modules, such as spray tanning, gel nails, laser treatment, and body wraps, which Ray Cochrane didn't. However, despite this, Ray Cochrane is run by one of the vice president of cidesco, who is amazing at what she does, and I think it is for this reason that this school is so highly respected. But premises and technology wise, I'd choose LSBT any day.

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