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Jun 27, 2010
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Fort Mcmurray Alberta
I just read Geegs tutorial on the rebalance and loved it! Helped me tons but I am still a bit confused about the nail pure plus and the primer or line out.
Once all the filing is done and you are ready to apply the nail pure plus and line out, do you add those to the whole nail or just to the regrowth? I was taught when doing a new set (tips) to add the nail pure and primer to the entire nail (natural and tip) and same with the rebalance. Can some one please help me with this...
those products go on the natural nail on rebalance it is the area of regrowth.
add the nail pure and primer to the entire nail (natural and tip)

I have never heard of applying primer to the tip, only to the natural nail. As well as I have never heard of applying it on enhancements. If you were taught this way, which is not the correct way, maybe you should check other things you were taught too.

I still remeber how many stupid things I was taught 11 years ago ;) It took me quite a time to correct them all. Tons of wisdom I have found on this forum :)
Thank you! I thought it was strange to apply it to the tip as well but just had to make sure :). I love this site aswell and think I may have an addiction to it lol. I don't think I would feel as comfortable as I do (and have from the start) if I haven't found this site. I started reading tons of questions on here about 3 months before I even started my training. Thanks again!
If you are using NSI Balance Gel then you apply primer to the whole nail including tip area when doing infill, line out just goes on the area of lifting round the cuticle.

There are videos on the nail angel webiste that show you how do do infills etc with NSI products.

That is the correct way to use primer with NSI products.
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