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May 1, 2003
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Hi Geek

Just been reading your tutorial on infills. In it you say that rebalancing should be done every 2 weeks and that Mrs Geek has been left far too long at 4 weeks. Have I been wrong all this time in thinking that it should be about 2 weeks for an infill and every four weeks for a rebalance :? :? :?
Depends on your clients rate of growth, an infill is only filling in new nail growth area.
A rebalance is maintaining the strength by properly placing your zone 2 to compensate for the grown out apex.

sometimes 2 weeks is not enough for a full rebalance and 4 weeks may be too long, if so, rebalance every 3 weeks...

hope this helps you a tad.

nikki xxx
Thanks - but I get the feeling the client wouldn't want to have an infill after 2 weeks and then only a week later have a rebalance. Wouldn't it become very expensive and therefore offputting for the client?
sorry, i must of confused you, i confuse myself sometimes... lol

dont infill, only rebalance every 3 weeks. no infill in between.
Oh I see. But pardon me for sounding really dumb :oops: :oops: If the client's nails have grown so much that they need a rebalance at 3 weeks wouldn't they have been needing some sort of maintenance before that? :? :?
your rebalance IS your maintainance. the whole point of a rebalance is to prevent any problems occuring, only infilling means more problems with cracking and such like due to the apex growing out too far which will enable the enhancement to become top heavy and cause stress at the area where the apex once was.

your apex is the area where the most stress occurs which is why it is so important that is is correctly placed in the right area to prevent damage to the natural nail and premature loss of the enhancement.
The word Rebalance and in-fill/fill-in are pretty interchangeable with many techs.

A rebalance is a method of maintenance that is carried out an average of 2-3 weeks (usually every 2 weeks in the salon).

There are 3 variations to the technique:
  • Single Colour Rebalance - Customer wears enamel, so reshape and reapply where product has grown out.
  • French Rebalance - Thin down Zone 1 and reshape. Apply new white in Zone 1 and where product has grown out.
  • Diagnostic Rebalance - Same as either 2 above, but also incorporates a lot of troubleshooting (i.e. client returns with excessive lifting or green guacamole growing under enhancement.

Hope this helps ;)
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