Recommendations for UV gel nail brushes?


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I am on the look out for a new UV Gel nail brush preferably with a lid if anyone could recommend one? I had 2 of the CND UV Gel brushes and I've had to throw them away as the bristles on both cured. I must have left them by the window and the sunlight must have cured them. Expensive mistake huh.
How do you all keep your brushes so that this doesn't happen? Why don't the brushes come with lids to protect the bristles?
Thanks in advance


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Hey can anyone help? Pleeease? I would really appreciate it :)

Anna Ljungberg

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I don't do gel enhancements, but there are a lot of brands that do gel brushes with lids, for example INK London, Crystal Nails, Perfect Nails, etc.
However, if you like working with your CND brush, instead of buying new brushes you could always get a brush case for them.