Red hair with Goldwell Elumen?


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Dec 11, 2015
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Hi everyone,

I have a question about Goldwell Elumen. I couldn't find anything on here. I'm currently a student in Level 3 and working in a Hair and Beauty Salon so not fully qualified yet? I hope it's ok for me to ask here.

Ok, I've been colouring my friends hair for a while now. She has red hair. I used Goldwell 6rr with 6% and now I just use it to do the roots of course. I put a semi colour on top to refresh the red. The last couple of times we used Aurora Cherry. Before that we used Directions Pillarbox Red.

Now we would like to try something a little different and go lighter. So probably doing a blond wash!?
To get the red I would like to try Elumen. We haven't used in my College so far... And I was wondering how do I get a red with a blue/pinkish undertone? I guess, if I just use just the red it will come out differently...Do I mix a little part blue in it? What we don't want is an orange-red!

Please be kind, I feel like I should know this but I just don't :/

I'm thankful for any help!

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