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Sep 22, 2006
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I am a mobile nail tech and would like to encourage my clients to refer a friend. Obviously dangling a carrot on a string is required. How do others go about it? I'd like to offer a discount for their next treatment if they refer someone. Would you give them a card with the "refer a friend" details? Not sure where to start.
I offer the refer a friend discount which is 20% to the person who recommended me.
A card is a good idea - my hair salon does this on your first appointment. They give you 2 cards for referrals with your name written in each so you give your friend the card, who gives it to the salon with your name in.

Simples :)
I have just made my own for hair. I have put a 25% discount voucher on and the at the bottom i have put Clients Name - i will fill this in when handing it out The clients address, Then Referal Name: their friends name who they gove the card to and also valid till: - again i will fill this in on issuing thecard and keep record with the clients record card , iv put this as i dont want to be getting the referrals months down the line, i am thinking of putting 4 weeks from issue date. The nw client wo has been referred will bring me the card, i will hen give them their 25% discount and put the card in with the original clients record card o they can use their 25% for their next appointment. I have alo put on it that the 25#% can only be used on services with a minimum value of £15.

Then repeat thne process, your newly gained client gets a referal card and refers another frined, so in fact they are saving 50% over 2 appontments!as long as they refer!

Hope that all makes sense, its been a long day!!
That's brilliant. Thank you both for your replies. Makes perfect sense. I was just a little stuck but now that you both mentioned putting the referring client's name on the card it has all fallen into place. And I like the idea of a limited time period to use it. The sooner, the better! Thank you!!
I like this idea also, it sounds good and easy to implement.

Will you get the cards printed?
Were waiting for ours to come(vista print) on one side it says recommend a friend to receive 20% off and on the other side it says I've been recommend by xxx. (we have also put a t&c stating the client must be a new customer)!
When the card is brought in a note is made in xxx's records
I am printing my own, picked some card up at rymans!! One side will be leaflet the other side im not yet sure, i was thinking of possible popping the price list on?

I have also popped on the botom that the cards are only redeemable for new clients to the salon.

Hopefully a link to a pic of my cards!!

Unfortunately dont look great on there as so shrunk down to make into a pic format !!
I do a referral card I offer the new client £10 off their first treatment and the client that referred them £10 off their next treatment I find this works better than the percentage off that I used to offer.
Just done mine on my lap top, I'm doing refer a friend you get £5 discount and so does your friend when they book treatments xx
I originaly put £5.00 howeverdecided not to go with that in hope that by doing 25% the clients might opt for a higher priced service such as foils or full head colour!! as they would make a bigger saving that way!

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