Reflexology training and questions for geeks who offer this


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Jul 31, 2005
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West Yorkshire

I am wanting to pick your brains if you offer reflexology as one of your services.

I am thinking of training in spring, maybe with an ITEC qualification. Have to do the A & P as it has trained since I did the ITEC beauty diploma many years ago.

But am not sure whether to invest in this, or do a year long AOR course.

Please can anyone tell me who they trained with, I heard from my friend who did reflexology that the AOR is one of the best training around.

Also, need to know if it is profitable? Do you have regular clients for this.

And lastly, how much is it per hour in terms of money, e.g, £30 per hour.

Look forward to your replies.

Many thanks
hiya TW

I trained with ITEC, it was a year course and we did a separate A&P exam.
The training was very thorough, and have never been taught so well.

My friend from Scotland did a private ITEC course 2 years ago and it cost her a lot of money, but she said the same thing to me.

I charge £25 which is the going rate for around North East, my friend who now lives in the NE, charges £22.

It is my top treatment, that and massage.

It is a very thorough course, very intense and you really get to understand how the body works.

I taught reflexology to IIHHT level, and don't rate the standard at all. It was more interested in being PC than how to do a darn good treatment.
Cool. thanks hippy-chick.

Do you mind me asking on average how many hours a week you do in terms of treatments, also: does it hurt your hands and arms I am worried about rsi??
hey TW, ask away....!

tonight I did 2 reflexology treatments, but sometimes I can do 4 in a day.
Yes it hurts your hands, thumbs, fingers, joints until you strengthen them up, I used to feel physically sick whilst practising.

If all you did was reflexology, you would seriously have to consider the risk of RSI and arthritis. but, if it is a % of what you do, then it isn't too bad.

I've been doing reflexology for about 6 years now, and I try not to do too many in a week.

i take a glucosamine supplement and learnt hands-free massage to rest my hands because I really overdid it this time last year and had to rest my hands for 6 weeks.
per week, sorry!

min 2 max 10
Thanks for the info lovey, I'm just waiting for the school to send me a prospectus, phoned today to ask costs etc. They are slow in giving info but it is worth the wait as I did my beauty training there and it is excellent. So have to wait and see when I can start, costs etc etc.

Have had to put it off for the past two years due to pregnancy and having my baby and I feel ready to do it now - Im so interested in it as a subject and want to get more into holistic therapies.

Can I ask also how much reiki you do per week, not being nosy - it's a business kind of question as I would like to move away from some of the beauty and concentrate more on healing and helping if you like. I'm wondering whether it's worth it to do level II - as I'd so like to help people with reiki but I am scared I do not have the ability!

I've done level I but not trained in level II as I've had no one to practice on, but feel sort of ready to go further with the training.

Thanks again. Lots of questions, but I am keen!! xx

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