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Feb 12, 2005
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HI guys. just wanted to pick the brains of you lovelies, basically i have been a hairdresser for 13 years and have been mobile for 9 of these. I made the mistake when starting my business all those years ago of being too cheap for the service that i offer, so have never made the living i wanted or deserved from the business i run. i had built up a great reputation and was always busy fully booked all year for 5 days but because i use very good products but wasnt charging my worth i wasnt earning what i should be. Well i feel now i want to relaunch my business, i had my beautiful daughter in may and have been on maternity since April, and am planning on returning back to work next month. I told my clients i will contact them on my return back to work for the time being i am only planning on doing 2 1/2 days.I expect to lose a percentage of my clientelle as thats business and alot of them will have found alternative hairdressers. But i do have a loyal clientelle base also. But i feel this is the perfect oppurtunity a fresh start if you like to run my business how i want and charge the prices particularly for colour services that i deserve. So i have printed out my price lists, I have joined the freelance hair and beauty federation as cpd is very important to me and being a member of FHBF gives me access to brilliant courses that can keep my hairdressing skills and knowledge upto date. So i am planning on sending out my price lists to former clients with also a covering letter,stating when im starting back to work. my only problem is i dont know what to put on the letter as i dont want it to sound like i "expect" them to return back to me after i have been on maternity for a while, or it to feel like im dropping and picking them back up at will. It sounds daft i know. I also didnt know whether to include about my price increase? Can you guys give me some hints and tips on this please? Im also wanting to print out some gift vouchers, how do you guys word your gift vouchers and do you do them for monetry value or treatment value also i wanted to have a little terms and conditions that go with them for expiry dates on them. As you can see i know what i want to do i just doint know how to portray or write it! Im also wanting to retail some of the wella and matrix styling products i use esp with xmas coming up, without seeming too pushy any hints and tips on this, does anyone have fancy or stylish bags they put there products in also? As you can see my head is a whirlpool but i really want to make a go of things and relaunch my business. so all info and help is importand and extremely welcoming. x
Thanks for that I shall have a read through im sorry about the wall of text lol! for some reason if i put things into paragraphs it never comes out that way when i post. grrr!
As anyone got any other hints and tips also how i can word my letter to accompany my price lists when letting former clients know im back to work after maternity. im resally struggling with how to approach and word this. x

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