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Fab Freak

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Dec 16, 2003
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Bondsville, West Yorkshire
I am doing my first removal of L&P tonight I plan to file off as much as I can then not sure to put tip remover in bowl and cover or do the foil wrap. Foil works well and is easy on fibreglass but not sure if this will work as well on L&P what do you girls think??
What i find works really well is i place a bowl of tip remover into a larger bowl of hot water, place both clients hands in and place a towel over the top to keep in the heat!

They're usually off within 20 mins! :green:
thanks Aphrodite
Do you have to ease off with an orange stick or does the acrylic just disolve? Sorry if this sounds daft
You have to ease off with Orange stick.
I use the foil method myself ...that way the acetone is still working on the other fingers while Im working on one (as while you have the hand out of the acetone the acrylic will begin to harden off again.)
Thanks gloria will soak one hand in acetone and do other with foils. :)
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