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Jul 28, 2015
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We are a small but busy little beauty salon and we have recently thought about offering hair dressing for someone to rent a chair however I have no idea how to work out for them to pay as the girls are employed in the beauty side but this would be renting the chair.

I would be so grateful for your feedback.
Do you have everything in place for rent a chair? Basin mirror chair etc or do you expect a stylist to sort them out themselves, are you providing stock or wanting them to provide there own?
Are you wanting them to offer retail ranges, if so are you going to provide it or will they?
Do you need the extra income, how much extra income do you need to generate? How much is it going to cost you to make the necessary changes to your shop to accommodate a stylist?

I see rents going anywhere from £20 per week depending upon area etc.

Also do you really want somebody self employed? Would it bother you if say they paid you £30 per day but they were earning £300 per day (which is pretty easy and if you employed them that money would be yours)

Do you want a stylists reputation on your salon, at the end of the day nobody says oh Joe blogs fu*#d my hair up, it's always omg don't go to X Salon, they're terrible ruined my hair and the woman who owns it wasnt even bothered, she said it was the stylists responsibility not hers....

There really is a lot to consider x

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