Renting a space part time - want to do nails mobile too???


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Aug 11, 2007
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I have been asked by a friend if I would like to rent a chair in her beauty salon 3 days a week. It'll only be a couple of hours a day and I am concerned that if she is advertising for me and introducing clients to me, if they cannot make it to have their nails on any of my set days in the salon, can I offer a mobile service and will my friend want a cut of my takings?
I'm really confused as I started out wanting to work for myself mobile and from home. I printed out price lists and leaflets etc and have done wedding fayres so I can offer a service to brides but haven't had any clients as yet.
But now I would really like to work in her salon as I think it will be more profitable and I will have more chance of getting clients in for bookings. But I want to do nails full time and I don't know whether I can do this. Will I have to say I have 2 self-employed businesses?
Please can someone give me an idea of my options and whether or not I can do both??
Many thanks!!!
Do you think she would consider taking a percentage until you get regular clients? this is what I hve been doing at a salon untill recently, 20% to the salon, home visits were not included, after all you are running your own business not working for her. hope this helps a wee bit xx

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