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May 17, 2004
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Hi there

A lovely Georgian building is soon to become vacant in a busy town, it has 4 rooms upstairs and 3 downstairs with separate loos, kitchen, car park space per room rented. It's in an ideal location, I've already been to look at rooms and going again without the office workers in there. Space to rent in this area is rare, would prefer a purpose shop type premise but can't help thinking I should grab this one, but I have a couple of concerns:

I feel the room(s) at the top would be a pain as I would have to come downstairs to get water, beverages, and people would have to climb stairs although not steep. So I think the better option would be a room(s) downstairs.

I guess I'm a little concerned about the fumes/smells I may create, especially if the other rooms are used by white collar workers. What can I use to stop the fumes, and to keep the dust down and any complaints.

Should I check out with the local council if there are any policies/rules etc?

Should I go for 1 private room or 1 private room with another room attached which people could enter from street?

Initially it will be just me, but the thought has crossed my mine to rent (if I opt for 2 rooms) to other girls preferably with similar training. Should I charge a daily rate or %.

Are there any other considerations I should be thinking off?

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