Renting out to reflexologist


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I am going to be letting a Reflexologist have my room twice a month, I will be managing her appointments, advertising and all she will need to do is rock up and do her thing. I want to charge her a % of her earning rather than a flat room rent. What would be a reasonable amount???


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Having rented a treatment room to a reflexologist in the past, I would go for a fixed rent that covers the things you've included.
Bookings are very up and down so some weeks you may not make anything if on a %.
Make sure you charge if the therapist is on holiday or chooses not to come in. They will need an incentive to fill their slots with clients and turn up each session.


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She should be primarily responsible for her own bookings and advertising as her business should be operating independently to your salon business. If she gives you access to her booking system, and you advertise her services in addition to your business, that’s fair enough.

As @CFBS suggests, make it a flat rate room rent then you can budget accordingly.