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Mar 29, 2022
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Hello :)
I currently work part time in a beauty salon and I have independently trained in Microblading, lashes, tinting etc. I’ve been working mobile for a while but I now need a permanent place to work from. I am going to ask my employer if I can use their spare room on my days off to carry out my own treatments. I have brought this up in the past and they did say they don’t normally rent the room they would do this on a percentage basis of my income. Previously they suggested 60:40 (60 to them) which I thought was way too high!!!?
I hsve mentioned that they don’t need to buy or help me with any of my stock etc, I will buy everything I need myself!
i would be so grateful to get some advice on what Is the norm in this industry for a percentage basis and also any other info I may need before asking them again. I am based in London
Thank you !!

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