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Jun 26, 2003
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Reading, Berks
Hi, just wondered what the general score was with renting space in a salon.
Do you have to do all your own advertising/ leafleting whatever? Should the salon be helping at all? What if there are other Techs there too and they get your business through you doing all the leafleting etc? How would you go about safe guarding yourself against these sorts of problems or is that the risk you take?
Love picking all your so experienced brains!!
Hope one day I shall be able to help others too!
allison ;-)
I am sure Liza Smith can help you here as her girls rent space from her. Watch this space and she'll reply!!! ;)
Well I hope some of our North American friends can help you with this one as 'booth renting' to multiple techs is far more common there than in the UK ... but for what it is worth, the technicians I have known who booth rent usually advertise themselves and their own personal phone number so there is not much conflict between technicians.

Attracting clients to the salon is in everyones interest and new clients are often passed around on a rota basis if there is a receptionist in charge of central telephone bookings.

The responsibilities of the salon vs. your responsibilities should be discussed and agreed in detail before you make your decision to rent space --- this is the area where there are often conflicts because no proper discussion was had. No one is doing you a favour letting you rent space ... you are allowed to ask for what you want up front ... it is in everyones interest to get these points agreed before you start.
Thanx I shall be really interested to find out what is what, as it seems to be the way everyone's going - no-one wants to sort out the PAYE!!!
It's nice to know what you're walking into at least.
Thanx again
Ali ;-)
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