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Firstly chose your prefered line :cyclops: , you need to take the price and add your vat and them approximately double it... this what we do with CND enamels....

Cost price is £2.95 per enamel + vat (UK is 17.5% vat) = £3.47 x 2 = £6.93.... :shock:

BUT the recommended retail for CND enamels is £8.50 because it is a professional high-end product!!! Women will spend £14.00 on a Chanel polish just because it has 2 c's on the bottle - we have one 'c' on ours, it's 10 times better and cheaper!!! :salute:

I don't know about your neck of the woods, but this should work!!! :!: :idea:

Trina From Alberta

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Apr 2, 2003
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Alberta, Canada
I am wanting to start selling polishes but I am unsure of how to set a price for them. The other salons here in town don't sell polishes so I am unable to compare pricing. Any help is much appriciated.
of pricing. What I tend to follow/do.
and all prices used in this post with refer to typical USD prices,,, is,,,
Double what you paid, go for a 100% gross. So if OPI, say your cost was $ 3.75 (and say you paid no tax) x 2 is $ 7.50, which just so happens to be OPIs suggested list price for a bottle of OPI polish in all of the United States.
I know of some techs in the States who price their OPI to their clients at higher than $ 7.50, but they have to be better at sales than I am cause I'm not going to try to sell above suggested retail.
By the way concerning CND polish, most USA distributors sell it to techs for $ 3.00 per bottle and the USA suggested retail (last time I checked) was $ 6.00.
So many brands to explore ( one of my favorites is MISA ) and also consider the low end prices available in lessor known polishes. Many great polishes available from California and New York producers for 65 cents or less per bottle and a great huge selection of shades. How about retailing that polish for $ 3.90 per bottle, what is that, about a 600% gross markup. Hope that I may have made you aware of some alternatives.
I know that bringing items like polish north across the border incurs the attention of the tax/VAT man, but I wonder if your larger Canadian cities dont have more choices available now a days.
and by the way, you mention that the other shops in your area do NOT retail polishes --- this is terriffic --- RETAIL IS OPPORTUNITY.
Thank you both for the suggestions. I have chosen Haken as my polish line, my clients love the colors and how they last. I purchased throught the US happened to be cheaper than purchasing from Canada. :? Worked out to be $1.40/polish, so pricing them at $6.00 sound about right? I don't want to price them too low because I have no idea how long they will be selling 50 polishes for $50.00, and I don't want to have to raise the prices that much if I have to start to purchase them here in Canada.
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