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Oct 11, 2010
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Well ive done a search but couldnt see much in a way of answers so thought id ask. Im going to be training next week with Nouvatan and from what ive heard there solution is fab so dont want to change brand or anything, but ive noticed a lack of retail products. Obviously i know they have a mousse and tan in a can to touch up spray tans but they dont have any scrubs/exfoliaters or oil free moisturisers etc. So what i want to ask is for those of you that also use nouvatan what do you recommend to use and retail to your clients? I hope nouvatan start doing more of a range as id really like to stick with their products instead of retailing other brands just because they dont do them :cry:
I trained with Nouvatan. It really doesn't bother me about exfoliator and moisturiser, when I used st tropez in a previous salon I never had a client who bought the exfoliator, and as for the moisturiser, well not many bought that. Your client's will have these product's themselves at home.

If not boots, I found that client's wouldn't pay £10 for a small bottle of moisturiser from st tropez, they often said that they have something similar themselves at home.
ok thank you x

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