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Glamour Puss7

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Feb 13, 2010
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Hi Geeks :)
How are you finding your retail sales? Have you found that they are slower than usual with the "recession"?
What is selling the most?
Are you stocking the same amount of stock or have you cut back?
Would like your feed-back thanks x:wink2:
Our retail is pretty stable, mainly due to the years spent educating our clients!
Funny enough last year, in the depths of the recession, L'Oreal lauched Pureology which is real luxury haircare. It is by far and away my biggest selling range. In salon we sell at rrp which is 16.50 for the shampoo (a bit cheaper in the online shop) and people simply do not question the price. So I don't think recession is to blame for poor sales.
Any more feedback Geeks...? Please thanks x
I would say that our retail has grown steadily over the past 18 months. Which is probably due to me spending a lot of time on retail training with the girls and then them educating our clients. One of our top sellers is a moisturiser which retails for £53 so people will still buy if they believe in the products. Its up to us to share our passion and get our clients to believe.
I'm about 40% up on retail sales this year compared to last year (month on month). That said, like Persianista, I spend time educating my clients as to the benefits of professional formulation. I think it also helps having a decent high quality brand; I sell Decleor so it isn't cheap, but most people don't bat an eyelid, even when buying their most expensive products (the £86 Excellence moisturiser or the £74 Excellence night balm), in fact it seems to be the more expensive products that I sell the most of!

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