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May 27, 2013
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Hi all
I'm starting to retail solar oil to my shellac clients but as my business is fairly new & I only have a handful of regular shellac clients so far it's not financially viable for me to buy the 40 pack of pinkies ( the 20 pack has been out if stock for a while now, as has the refill bottle ) so I'm asking all clients if they'd like me to purchase a standard bottle for them before their next appointment.
What would you sell it at? I've worked out the price I'd pay once VAT is included so shall I just sell at that price or round it up to the nearest 50p or £??
Thanks in advance

Vicki x
Hands On Beauty
Do you mean the 15ml bottles? The RRP for those is £12.95, hth xx
The 7.5ml retails at £7.45 x

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Great thank you. I didn't want to charge people extra if others don't, most clients seem happy to buy it I just didn't know what to charge.
Thanks for your help ladies

Vicki x
Hands On Beauty

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