Return my order with my Matrix?


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Feb 13, 2012
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Can anyone help me out? I have phoned my rep with no answer, i have sent three messages all with no answer.

I have a matrix order that im trying to return have had no luck as yet! Im looking to return the order as im jo longer hairdressing! Tried customer service number and they cant help either! Is sallys worth a try? Or am i better to sell the order and pay it? I only want to pay for it if needs must, but as the tubes are unopened and brand new feel begrudged to pay for it knowing i wont use it!

Thanks in advance! [emoji106]
Could you try the Technical number: UK: 0800 387 608

Technical Helpline

Whether you have any queries regarding our products (how to use them, which product is the best for you, any problem in the salon, etc.) or you want to find out how to buy Matrix products, please contact our Technical Helpline:
Thats the number i have and they had me on hold for around 20 mins and then it cut off saying they were too busy at the time. [emoji19]

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